Summer School

In summer 2018, the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics offers a summer school program for undergraduate students. The summer school “Business Studies and Economics” takes place from May 22nd till July 6th. All courses are taught in English at Bachelor’s level. The target group includes international guest students as well as Bremen students.
The course list shown below is constantly updated. The lecture times are shown in the university's course catalogue. The Module Manual contains the detailed course descriptions.


Course Title


Market Research

Prof. Dr. Christoph Burmann

Human Behavior in Organizations

Prof. Dr. Christian Claus Cordes

History of Economic Thought

Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther

Research Methods in Consumer Behavior

Prof. Dr. Denise Buhrau

Risk Management and Insurance

Prof. Dr. Hwan-sik Choi

Service Science

Prof. Dr. Dohoon Kim

Stock Investment: Styles and Strategies

Prof. Dr. Fernando García García

Development Economics

Dr. Sevias Guvuriro

Pharmaceutical Economics

Dr. Bärbel Holbein

Strategic Management

Dr. Habofanwe Koloba

Management Accounting and Decision-Making

Prof. Dr. Renata Korshykova

Management Accounting Theories and Methods

Dr. Xiaosong Zheng

Summer Lab

The Faculty of Business Studies and Economics entered into collaboration with Business and Economics Departments at the State University of New York. For the first time, a student exchange with Binghamton University and Stony Brook University takes place. The US students participate in the program “Summer Lab”, which the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics organizes in 2018 as a pilot project. The Summer Lab includes three elements:

  • courses from the summer school „Business Studies and Economics“
  • international summer courses at the foreign language center (FZHB) of the Bremen universities (German courses)
  • participation in the „Summer Camp“ (praxis projects with firms from the region)

Details regarding the return visit of Bremen students to Binghamton University and Stony Brook University in 2019 will be published shortly by the Office of Corporate and International Relations.