Selected research projects

The Faculty Business Studies & Economics works closely with funding organizations   and external investors from industry. We choose some projects and present them in short. Please contact the project manager for detailed information.

EU-Project: NEMO
(Governance of Innovation Networks)

The objective of NEMO is to investigate the interplay between political governance, structure and function of politically induced R&D collaboration networks, in particular the networks that have emerged in the European Framework Programmes. The ultimate goal is to identify ways to create and to appraise desirable (‘optimal’) network structures for typical functions of such R&D collaboration networks (e.g. knowledge creation, transfer and (distribution). This will aid policymakers at all political levels in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of network-based policy instruments at promoting the knowledge economy in Europe. Assembling leading researchers from mathematics, physics, economics and sociology in a single project, we will explore modelling strategies to create new theoretical frameworks, building blocks and classes of models. To this end, solid mathematical foundations will be provided for the class of models developed in this project. Theoretical results will be validated via two comprehensive empirical data sets and networks generated by multi-agent simulation. The empirical analyses will yield detailed knowledge on the structural properties of the R&D collaboration networks that have emerged in the EU Framework Programmes. Desirable network structures will be identified and new quantitative methods for evaluating the governance of network based instruments will be developed.

ARC Wien, University of Guildford, University College Dublin, University of Funchal, Technische Universität Wien, Universität Bielefeld, Université de Luxembourg, University of Maastricht (MERIT)

Project management in Bremen:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Pyka ( 
Repositioning of brands

The chair of innovative brand management (LiM ®) is currently working on a research project concerning the “repositioning of brands”. The main objective of this project is to establish a positioning process based on the identity-based management approach developed by Meffert/Burmann in 1996. Core subject of this process is the development of an overall brand strategy which constitutes the aspirational positioning of the brand for all internal and external target groups. The process includes extensive internal and external analysis of the current brand positioning in different international markets (GER, FRA, SWE, CHN und RUS). Multivariate methods analysing support the aggregation of the gathered data. Based on the current positioning, a customer migration analysis and a discriminant analysis help to establish managerial recommendations to achieve the ideal aspirational positioning. In addition, focus group interviews will yield further implications concerning the PoS situation. The implementation of the aspirational positioning is ensured by internal brand management, process optimization as well as a revision of the portfolio structure.

Tobias Recke, Tel.: +49 (0)421/218-8637