Literature Facilities

The economic literature of the State & University Library (SuUB) can be found in the Central Library and in the Economic Science Library. Both libraries offer open access to relevant material which is arranged systematically. The responsible subject-librarians are
Dr. Uwe Staroske
Tel.: +49 421 / 218-3618

The Central Library of the SuUB

The economic literature is located on the second floor of the Central Library. A few journals are still held in the Central Library; the most recent issues of these are kept in the journal reading room in the ground floor. Not the entire literature is presented in open access; some (older or less requested) copies are kept in the stock. Please ask at the information desk of the second floor (Tel.: +49 421 / 218-2617) how to order these items.

The SuUB offers several CD-ROMs and an Electronic Library for further research. Thus you have access to general bibliographic as well as subject orientated databases. For Economics there are especially WISO I, WISO II, WISO III, ABC der Deutschen Wirtschaft, International Accounting Standards, Datastream Advance and Hoppenstedt Bilanzdatenbank. Further standalone CD-ROMs can be used in the journal reading room of the central library. Also social sciences and law databases may be of interest for economists.  Literature becomes more and more often available in electronic form. Access to the electronic journals of the SuUB is possible via E-LIB. Furthermore you can use the internet access of the SuUB to search for literature, full texts, economic subject information and other subject specific matters.

Subject information
 (LINK) provides an overview of this complex topic.

Economic Science Library

The Economic Science Library is a decentral service facility of the State and University Library Bremen. The Economic Science Library is a reference library with open access. Copy facilities are available and you can obtain copy cards at the information desk. The holdings are generally for use in the library only. In special cases books can be borrowed over night or over the weekend (see special regulations for short loans: LINK

At present the library holds about 20.000 volumes:


Nearly 14.000 books and 360 current journals, including reference copies of the text book collection located in the central library and grey literature (working-papers)
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Loose-leaf collections
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Bibliographies, bibliographic reference tools and company indexes
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Business reports of German and international firms
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Project and lecture material of the faculty

Tours and Courses

Library tours are offered on a regular basis. Please follow this link for more information: LINK


The ISL (Institut für Seeverkehrswirtschaft und Logistik = Institute for Maritime Economics & Logistics) library is a special library solely for Maritime Economics and Logistics.

The ISL-Library is one of the largest in the world with regards to the study of Maritime Economics & Logistics. As the central source of information for the maritime industry, the library offers international literature and factual economic data for the following areas of study:

Maritime travel
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Ship-building
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Harbours
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Sea-canals and water ways
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Traffic, transport and logistics
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Economy and trade