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Sustainable Management

Sustainable corporate governance requires decision-makers that are economically bilingual. They can manage confidently the tension between sustainability and efficiency and know that the maintenance of the ecological, economic and social resource relationships is a prerequisite for long-term success. Sustainable leadership is the competence-oriented concept for a life-sustaining and human management. more »

Publication: Advanced Training for Sustainability Change Agents

A lot of new positions as “sustainability coordinators” have been created recently in order to implement sustainability in higher education. It often remains unclear, however, how much space sustainability should take up in higher education. This paper reports on the findings of a seminar series for sustainability coordinators and those interested. The characteristics of the individual universites were examined in the seminars with the method of systemic constellation. The paper was published in an anthology on the topic "Integrative Approaches to Sustainable Development at University Level" and can be downloaded a PDF.

Resource-oriented monitoring of sustainable urban development

The book introduces core findings, new methods, and international experience related to sustainability innovations and the social transformation of cities, synthesizing insights from megacity research, sustainability science, and urban planning. Written by a team of more than fifty leading researchers and practitioners from all five continents, it traces general urban transformations and introduces new approaches such as: smart growth strategies; cross-sectoral, transdisciplinary urban transition management; rubanisation; and city syntegration. The book reveals the potential of new, networked agencies of sustainability transformation, and discusses the role of science institutions in the diffusion and implementation of institutional and social innovations. Routledge

New Textbook Sustainable Management

Coping with the Dilemmas of Resource-Oriented Management

In this book, a resource-oriented perception of sustainable management is presented. Firms that decide to act more sustainable have to bear in mind that they do not only need resources for economic activities today, but that they will need these tomorrow as well. This leads to contradictory management rationalities firms must deal with. The author presents his findings as regards the development of environmental and social responsibility and introduces a theory of management ecology. He takes a close look at the contradictions businesses have to face when governing their activity towards sustainability. Moreover, he identifies different notions of the resource term in management studies and develops a “sustainable resource management” which could help businesses redirect their economic activities from a solely profit-oriented to a resource-oriented way of operating. Springer Verlag

New Publication

Virtual Academy for Sustainability: Competences for students and leaders

Even though the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development has already been running since 2005, there are still very few offers for conceptual learning of sustainability issues for students and leaders. The project "Virtual Academy for Sustainability" therefore offers an open web-based learning format which enables students to acquire credits for their studies and leaders to learn about sustainability at their home desks using video-based lectures.
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The Sustainability Check

In cooperation with the RKW-Bremen Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ developed a Sustainability Check for SMEs (funded by Bremen’s Senator for Environment, Construction, Transport and European Affairs). The manual helps companies to examine CSR-relevant action fields and to establish a priority plan. SMEs in Bremen can apply for subsidies for accompanying consulting. PDF Download of the Check (German only)


Multimedia guide for setting up an environmental management system

More and more public institutions want to establish a certifiable environmental management system. Demonstrative examples of the implementation process can be found in a multimedia guide (German only). Leitfaden.