The Faculty

The importance of business studies and economics can clearly be seen
when considering some of the challenges facing Germany and Europe
as industrial powers; the importance of globalisation and networked
production, ecologically compatible and sustainable economic develop-
ment, innovations and the use of multimedia as well as international
financial markets. To meet these challenges, we need decision makers
capable of understanding the macro- and microeconomic principles of
such issues. Consequently, the Faculty's potential in the fields of
teaching, research and consultancy is of great significance for the
economy and future development in the face of regional and
international competition.

These modern advances are reflected in the expansion of the Faculty
and its increasing dedication to subjects with an international focus.
In this respect, we constantly strive to create a balance between
internationalisation and regionalisation.

Furthermore, the Faculty's increasing recognition as an authority in
business and economics provides an invaluable complement to the
University's main emphasis in the fields of natural and engineering

The introduction of co-operation management in the Faculty ensures
that innovative processes are pursued from their initial concept right
up to their implementation. This process is achieved through innovation
networks, co-operative research projects, applied practical projects as well
as discussion days, and is supported by business start-up initiatives.

The Faculty places particular emphasis on enhancing the teaching skills
of its staff and providing support to our new generation of business and
economic researchers. In future, further attention will be paid to changing
trends in education when planning courses and lectures. In doing so, the
high standards will be continually improved upon, enabling both a greater
degree of specialisation and a greater variety of courses. This, for instance,
is illustrated by our new Masters programmes. The specialist knowledge
and inter-social skills acquired by our graduates are pivotal for the success
of enterprises, stretching from a regional level within Bremen, across
Germany through Europe to an international scale.

The Faculty of Business Studies & Economics recognises that the expertise
developed here can help shape the global economy and economic development
of enterprises well in the future, and has taken up the challenge.