Computer Facilities

Student education in the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics
requires the use of modern information technology. Right at the
beginning of the course, students will be familiarised with modern
office and communications software in a computer-training course.
This course, as well as the accompanying course, “An Introduction
to Information Technology,” helps establish the tools required for
the use of computers in different areas of study. Furthermore, as
part of the 1st and 2nd year courses, there will also be courses
covering topics such as databanks, programming language and
statistical application.

There is a broad palette of relevant software products at the
students' disposal, which will be used throughout the course of their
study. During the business studies and economics lectures of the
3rd and 4th year courses, the use of data processing will help to
adequately prepare students for later-on in their career. The close
relationship between research and teaching helps keep students
informed and up-to-date of advances in information and
communications media, and last but not least in their practice of
economics and management.

There are two PC laboratories equipped with 20 individual units each.
One of the laboratories is situated in the centre of the University, and
is also available for use in the evenings and at weekends. There are
more units installed for members of the Faculty in facilities around
campus, for example in the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics
Library. All these units are interconnected, and can access a central
inventory of data and programs. During the entire course of their study,
students can maintain their own user profile in all data processing
activities. The use of this faculty resource is orientated towards access
to various software platforms, and allows the use of scientific orientated
UNIX-Software as well as the extensive resources of Windows

PC-Pool, MZH, Room 4200
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