General Information

Before coming to Bremen and how to apply

Before applying for studying abroad you should get an idea about Germany, Bremen, and the University of Bremen

If there exists an ERASMUS cooperation between the University of Bremen and your university, you should apply at first at your home university. After getting the ‘ok’ of your coordinator, you have to apply at University of Bremen (see below). 

If there is no cooperation either you contact our Departmental Erasmus-Coordinator (E-Mail: or your International Office (E-Mail: negotiate a contract or you apply as  'Freemover' at University of Bremen. Before you use the online appplication (LINK) you have to get permittance of the faculty. Please send in a proof that you are registered at your university including a confirmation of your university that you are allowed to study abroad. Additionally please send your CV, a letter of motivation and an up-to-date transcript of records to:

For being able to study at University of Bremen as an ERASMUS-Student you have to be selected and nominated by your home university. Afterwards, pease submit an online-application. Have a look here:

After receiving your application, you will get a “Confirmation for guest-students” and a guide of the University of Bremen and our faculty with detailed information about studying in Bremen.

By the way, please be aware of the existing deadlines.
Your stay in Bremen

[Important information for your stay at our Faculty of Business and Economics - please read carefully!]

Your first contact person will be the members of the International Office: LINK. At the beginning of each semester a welcome-event takes place, where all important facts will be explained and which you should attend. The International Office also offers a 'Buddy-Program' which is announced there as well.

Incoming students have to conclude our own special  "Learning Agreement" form  [Link], which shows the courses they will attend. It has to be confirmed by your home university and signed by each professor of the courses, indicating the type of exam you have to take. You will have time 4 weeks after lectures have started for handing it in to the Erasmus Coordinator. The Learning Agreement is also considered as exam registration - please make sure you hand it in in time!

If you have any questions regarding lectures and exams, you should contact the involved professors. The final exam of a course can be an audit, a written test, a presentation or a paper, depending on the professor. In general it is not necessary to apply for the courses. Go directly to the lectures at the first date. For further information please check the homepages of the professors.

You can participate in any exam without any application. This is done automatically with the learning agreement (using the form given by our university, see link above). You should read up on date and place of it by asking the professor or by looking at the certain pin board in the administration building of the faculty (WiWi-Building, 1st floor). For any kind of examination you should bring along the filled in 'ECTS-Leistungsnachweis' [tl_files/images/ico_pdf.jpgDownloadand attach it to the exam. If you have an oral exam or a paper written the teaching professor will write the mark on the 'ECTS-Leistungsnachweis'.  Please make sure that you complete the certificate in a decent and legible manner and be careful to fill out every space. 
At the end of your stay you have to submit all your 'ECTS-Leistungsnachweise' to the Erasmus-Coordinator who will prepare your ECTS-Certificate. [tl_files/images/ico_pdf.jpgDownload]
If you need to depart earlier than the grades are given please tell the lecturers that they should send "Scheine" for sealing to the faculty administration officer, Ms. Demir. Furthermore, send an e-mail to for telling addresses (post/fax/e-mail) to which the final transcript should be send to (either original or copy)
You need this certificate to show your home university your final grades from your studies abroad.

Next to the courses offered by the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics we recommend courses from the module “Global Education”. It is provided especially for incoming students LINK
Important dates and deadlines
Deadlines for your application at University of Bremen

Online application for Socrates/Erasmus-students: 

Winterterm: 15.7. 

Summerterm: 15.1.

For other students/Freemovers: 

Winterterm: 31.8. 

Summerterm: 15.2.

Academic Calendar: LINK
For estimating your time period in Bremen, please bear in mind that exams take place three weeks after lecture end. Please don't plan your departure earlier than that date if you need exam taking which is necessary for getting ECTS credits.