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The Faculty

The importance of business studies and economics can clearly be seen when considering some of the challenges facing Germany and Europe as industrial powers; the importance of globalisation and networked production, ecologically compatible and sustainable economic development, innovations and the use of multimedia as well as international financial markets. To meet these challenges, we need decision makers capable of understanding the macro- and microeconomic principles of such issues. Consequently, the Faculty's potential in the fields of teaching, research and consultancy is of great significance for the economy and future development in the face of regional and international competition. 

These modern advances are reflected in the expansion of the Faculty and its increasing dedication to subjects with an international focus. In this respect, we constantly strive to create a balance between internationalisation and regionalisation.

Furthermore, the Faculty's increasing recognition as an authority in business and economics provides an invaluable complement to the University's main emphasis in the fields of natural and engineering sciences.

The Faculty of Business Studies & Economics recognises that the expertise developed here can help shaping the global economy and economic development of enterprises well in the future, and has taken up the challenge.

Following degree courses are offered:

Bachelor Study Courses

tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Business Administration (B. Sc.)
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Industrial Engineering and Management (B. Sc.)
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Business Studies and Economics (B. Sc.)

As from 2009/2010 following Master-Courses are offered:

Master Study Courses


Master of Science (M. Sc.)
in Business Studies with specialization in International Entrepreneurship and Marketing Management Finances, Accounting, and Taxes
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Industrial Engineering and Management
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Management Psychology
tl_files/images/ico_kreis_aufzaehlung.jpg Professional Public Decisionmaking (M.A.)

Please note, that you should have a certain knowledge of German to be able to follow the lectures! We recommend at least the level B1 of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”! As a prerequisite you have to present level C1 in English for all master programmes at our faculty!